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Warning Labels

Get Best Quality Warning Labels and Warning Stickers in budget!!

Warning labels are one of the most demanded by every industry, where there is a risk of hazard or accident may occur. Warning signs and safety labels are designed to warn the users or people around those places to minimize all sorts of risks associated with any work performance or utility of the space. Warning labels are usually used in worksites, roads, buildings, and all places where any hidden danger is anticipated.

Al Hadiqa is one of the most popular label and sticker manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE. We tailor client’s requirements for warning label printing in the most productive way. With spectacular designs and catchy labels, we help create a safe and secure environment that the client is looking for. We choose and design warning labels appropriate to the place and surface where they will be used. We are leading in the industry as the best quality warning label suppliers.

Being made with the finest quality materials, all of our warning labels and signage are highly durable and productive.

Why Al Hadiqa for warning labels?

We are very popular in the industry for the wide array of stickers and labels in the UAE. Being the most economical warning label supplier in Dubai, Al Hadiqa offers low priced warning label printing and safety signs on various materials like Polyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Clear, Thermal Imprintable, Thermal Transfer, Paper, etc. Upon custom requests, we also provide warning label printing on any sized material of client choice in minimal time. We have exclusive warning label printing for outdoor and indoor uses. Based on the client’s request, we also design specialized warning labels on any materials.

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We provide warning labels in the following specifications

 We provide high-quality warning label printing services to clients in minimal lead time. We are professional warning label suppliers and manufacturers to offer warning labels that would appeal well during day and night time.

Materials – Polyester, Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Clear, Thermal Imprintable, Thermal Transfer Paper

Adhesives– High Surface Energy, Low Surface Energy, Very High Bond

Finishing – Gloss, Matte, Textured, Brushed Silver

We provide warning labels and stickers of:

  • Two-panel labels without a symbol
  • Multilingual formats
  • Multiple Hazard formats
  • Multiple symbol panels

 Safety and Warning label types

We are the most popular warning label supplier in Dubai, UAE. We provide ready-made and custom-designed warning labels to indicate-

  • Danger/Caution/Warning
  • Notice/Instruction
  • Fire/Biohazard/ Chemical
  • Electrical Hazard/Safety
  • High Voltage/ Electric supply warning
  • Hot Surface/ISO Safety
  • Tool and Machinery Safety

Specialties of Al Hadiqa Warning Labels and Stickers

Excellent clarity and high gloss

Our warning stickers and labels are of supreme quality and excellent performance. The clarity of the warning labels makes it preferable for any products, packages, or even where the details or specifications have to be seen.

Flawless dimensional stability and flatness

With amazing features and properties, the materials used to manufacture this ensure the best protection with its flexibility to adapt anywhere.

Wrinkle and shrink-proof

All of our warning labels and stickers are wrinkle and shrink-proof in nature. Hence possess qualitative consideration of being used as the best warning note that will ensure the best communication with the user or receiver.

Non-toxic and recyclable

All raw materials used to produce our warning stickers are non-toxic and recyclable material. Hence the acceptance for the product is wider and most of the packaging industries prefer this as it aligns with their policy of using biodegradable products.

Resistant to chemicals and moisture

All raw materials used to produce our warning stickers show resistivity towards abrasion, reactivity towards chemical components, burst, and moisture, etc.

UV, heat, and moisture resistant

Al Hadiqa warning label suppliers in UAE always deliver labels highly adaptive to the extreme temperatures that mean at low as well as high-temperature ranges. The adhesives used commonly used for this are hot melt synthetic rubber that gets sealed quickly reliably and consistently and also possess additional properties including UV, shear, and heat resistance.


All of our warning labels and stickers offer prolonged performance. With the durability of these warning labels, most of the packaging companies and logistic firms prefer this to safeguard or seal products of any kind.

Get customized warning Labels and warning stickers at an affordable price

Al Hadiqa is popular as a warning label supplier in UAE to guarantee labels in a perfect and precise manner. We provide a wide range of warning stickers and labels for personalized protection and awareness intended by the manufacturer or seller. With clearly legible and visually noticeable labels, we bring in the best of stickers and labels that could accommodate the special safety/warning instructions and indications. All our warning labels and stickers are compliant with ANSI, OSHA, and ISO standards.

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