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Packaging Materials

Al Hadiqa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of labels, stickers, and packaging supplies. We produce and deliver premium quality packaging materials that can get attached to the requirements of multiple types of products or packages. With improved durability and resistivity, our products ensure the complete purpose of the user. With safe and fit packaging supplies at an affordable price, we are very popular as the best packaging materials supplier in Dubai.

Packaging and labels are considered as the silent salesman!

Let it be for any purpose, a packaging defines the content as well as the provider. Packaging is meant for protection, transportation, information, marketing, and many more. High-quality distinctive packaging products are always in good demand in every industry.

We believe that packaging products are not just a short-term commitment, instead of a long-term activity that could uphold the marketing success of the client. Being a role player in distributing the client’s products in reputed packing, we find pride and honor. New product development or package revamping and redesigning are always welcomed as challenges and the team incorporates enthusiastic performance and expertise to curate the best products that match the specifications

plain sticker labels in dubai

Why Al Hadiqa for Packaging products?

When it is about wrapping food, quality stands first. The materials used to make food packaging has to be monitored well for the kind of grade and quality. Paper packaging products made with safe and healthy, materials will complement the consumer with confidence and satisfaction.

Al Hadiqa packaging materials suppliers are proficient in designing and delivering high-grade packaging products to clients. We have listed a wide array of packaging solutions, that would protect any sort of product with its resistive performance. We are also proficient in designing and delivering packaging materials suitable for the storage and delivery of food products seeking long shelf life and thriving under temperature or moisture.

We are backed by an excellent team that could deliver exclusive considerations to each client. With expert designers and modern packaging techniques, we assure packaging solutions that would delight customers at best. With each customer requirement, we choose raw materials that are most appropriate to appeal to the product and also to maintain the properties and functions of the goods to be packed. For food packaging solutions, we develop solutions that would help maintain the natural texture of food and also help prevent any chemical or photoreactions that would perish the food in a short time.

We design and deliver packaging materials in readymade and custom-sized models.

Masking Tape

Masking tapes made of paper, plastic, aluminum, and various materials for general uses, automobile spray, and any custom requirements are manufactured and supplied by us.

Boxboard or Paperboard Cartons

With premade and custom-made sizes of boxboards that could help to pack any items like toys, dresses, apparel, food, etc., Quality packaging and transportation experiences.

Corrugated Boxes

Al Hadiqa supplies corrugated boxes suitable to store and transport any sort of product. These packaging can carry heavier products such as appliances, electronic goods, etc.

Air Bubble Rolls 

These protective packaging materials help wrap around fragile goods and other sorts of goods to be protected from shock or external forces.

Paper Bags and Sacks

We manufacture and supply high-quality paper bags and sacks suitable to pack groceries, rice, pulses, bakeries, and various food products.

Poly Sheets

polythene sheets of various sizes and microns are available for the packaging and assorting of all types of goods.

Stretch Films

Al Hadiqa packaging materials suppliers deliver stretch films of different thicknesses to customers. These multi-purpose films provide safe wrapping and protective layering in the automatic and manual wrapping of goods.

PP Straps

Al Hadiqa packaging materials suppliers in Dubai provide packaging straps starting from 9 mm and more. We also manufacture and deliver custom specified PP straps with names and logos printed on them.

Bopp Tapes

Al Hadiqa packaging materials suppliers in Dubai provide BOPP tapes of various lengths and widths. With a large variety of BOPP tapes, resistant to moisture, temperature, UV light, etc., we are serving the industry at best.

Place your quote for the best-priced packaging materials!

Al Hadiqa- the leading packaging materials supplier in Dubai to hold and maintain the best standards on designing packaging solutions for individual and business clients. We have got a well-integrated system of machines and expertise to craft the best packaging solutions in minimal lead time. We do proceed with the same-day process on any quantity quotes from clients in UAE.

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