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Masking & Auto Grade Tape,Strech Film

Why Masking tapes from Alhadiqa?

Al Hadiqa is a renown tapes manufacturer in UAE with extensive range of masking tapes and stretch film.  We are responsible to meet all kinds of masking tape and stretching film requirements. All of our products are produced to provide complete protection with durability, high adhesive and holding power and also does not remain any residues upon removal.

  • Fine & Even Rolls
  • Strong and Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Adhesion property
  • Water proof
  • Chemical Resistant
Masking tape manufacturers in UAE

Masking Tape

Get the premium quality masking tapes from Al Hadiqa, leading BOPP tapes manufacturer in UAE. With affordable price and high quality, we place high interest to cater market with all kinds of masking tape with custom sizes and standard thickness.

  • Masking tape for general purpose- Masking tapes for general purpose are available with us in jumbo rolls and custom sizes. All of these general purpose tapes are highly adhesive, cohesive and does not remain residues on surface while removing.
  • Masking tape for Auto spraying- To meet with the masking tape for auto spraying, we have specially designed tapes that will fit between the surfaces during painting, coating or any other auto uses. These tapes come with high holding power and does not cause any damage on the attached surfaces.
  • Temperature masking tape – Al Hadiqa is known as the tapes manufacturer in UAE with the extensive stock of raw materials and semi-finished products, that enables us to meet the urgent requirements from clients. Our temperature masking tapes include, mid temperature and high temperature masking tapes that will fulfill the packaging needs of goods that are packed and transported under varying temperature conditions.
  • Aluminum masking tape- Al Hadiqa is the masking tape manufacturers in UAE to manufacture and deliver different kind of aluminum masking tapes with high flexibility and durability. All of our aluminum tapes are highly adhesive to all surfaces and flame resistant and water proof.
  • Gummed masking tapes – Our range of gummed masking tapes are meant to provide strong hold packaging. Highly tensile and durable property of these tapes extends its use to create perfect protective layer for the packaged goods.
  • Custom printed masking tapes – We offer extensive range of custom printed masking tape, that will pursue your requirement to create the identity. With the premium quality durable masking tapes, we create custom designs and logos preferred by the clients to meet with all kinds of packaging requirements.

Stretch film

We are also popular as the fine-quality stretch film manufacturers in Dubai. manufacturing high-quality stretch film for Automatic & Manual Wrapping. With our high-quality stretch films, we have been serving a huge number of clients since 2014 with their packaging requirements and transportation of goods. With our all-purpose stretch films of different thicknesses, safe wrapping and protective layering are made easy with an affordable budget.

All of our products are created to offer optimal protection for the client’s property or goods. The elastic recovery with our dust and dirt-proof stretch films will pursue all functions of packaging and transportation requirements of varying goods. Al Hadiqa stretch film manufacturers in Dubai are well set to manufacture and supply different types of stretch films particularly used for different types of wrapping operations. Our waterproof stretch films are available in custom sizes and colors based on the load size, quality, and budget. To meet the specific needs of your stretch wrapping operation, such as load size and type, performance requirements, Al Hadiqa stretch film manufacturers in Dubai manufacture and deliver different kinds of stretch films at the best price.

  • Caste stretch film
  • Blown Stretch film
  • Hand stretch film
  • Machine stretch film
  • Pre-stretch film
  • Color stretch film
  • UVI stretch film
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