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Barcode Ribbons

Most affordable Barcode ribbons supplier in UAE!

Al Hadiqa is a popular Barcode Ribbons Supplier in UAE to deliver different sort of barcode ribbons that are compatible with any type of thermal printers. With the barcode ribbon designing machines, our workmen, create ribbons of customer specifications like label width, ribbon length and core size.

We use different kinds of elements with varying quality to produce barcode ribbons. As the ribbons are placed between the print head and the labels, the length, width and quality of the ribbon affect the print result. All of our barcode ribbons are produce in compatible to the specifications by the client or by the printer model. We manufacture different types of ribbons coated with wax, wax-resin or pure resin ink. With the applications and label type, the nature and type of ink to be used in ribbon varies. We use strong and durable ink types that makes the label, readable, scanable and reliable one.

We manufacture:

  • Coated side Out barcode ribbons
  • Coated side in Barcode ribbons

Resin-Enhanced Wax Ribbons or Full Wax Ribbons

A full wax thermal transfer ribbon that is coated with a wax-based ink within economical range and used for general uses including shipping, warehouse and retail labels. This type of ribbons is less durable and widely used for indoor use.

Durable Wax-Resin Ribbons or Wax Resin Ribbons

These are the ribbons coated with a combination of resin and wax. These type of ribbons produce quality printing that are resistant to moisture, scratching, abrasion and are highly suitable on various types of materials. Ideal for printing labels that will be used under extreme weather conditions and also for applications with heavy handling.

Barcode Ribbons Supplier in UAE

Full Resin Ribbons

A full resin thermal transfer ribbon is coated with a resin-based ink, which gives highly durable printing quality. This is best suitable for use on synthetic and non-paper materials and ideally last for long terms in both indoor and outdoor conditions even at extreme exposure to water, UV rays etc.

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